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    About us


    Our company specializes in 3 segments, which are responsible for teams of appropriately qualified people – Furniture, Fit-out and POS (in full spectrum). Together they form a coherent whole, which is responsible for the implementation of projects visible on the site and not only on it.

    The history of our company has its beginning in 2016. Thanks to experienced and specialized staff, UNIQFORM quickly became an important player in the above-mentioned markets. We have created a company model which, thanks to its versatility and knowledge contained in it, can perfectly match the requirements of a given project, which allows us to save our clients time, budget and their involvement in the organization. Uniqform is not only a production company, it is also a unit in which projects and technical documentation are created, but also a team of qualified people who provide clients with the final product created according to previously laid expectations.
    To put it in one wording – we transfer your ideas and expectations to the final product.


    Materials and technologies used in the implementation of given projects are extremely important in the context of strength and visual effect. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of Uniqform, your products are created based on appropriately selected components that are qualitatively the best in their class and at the same time allow to fit within the budget range that our clients have.

    Uniqform products are made with great care marked in every detail. Thanks to our design department, detail capture begins at the stage of creating a concept, which is confirmed in detail by prepared technical documentation. This makes the production processes run much more efficiently and without errors, which contributes to many savings that we can offer you and we are talking about not only financial but also time. We are distinguished by a wide range of the best quality materials used and their careful processing marked in every detail of the production process. By choosing UNIQFORM services, you choose not only convenience and savings but also high quality of the product combined with extraordinary precision which is confirmed by multi-stage controlling.


    Cooperation with our clients and appropriate reception on the market is a very important aspect of our company. Openness to all ideas, readiness to talk as well as flexibility are the features ordered by customers these days, which is why UNIQFORM perfectly fits into the model of this type of functionality.

    Our clients’ satisfaction is not only due to the appropriate level of service and kindness of our employees. Despite the internship which we cannot count in decades, we have been able to match the tastes of both smaller and global customers. Professionalism, according to our belief, is not only based on a good idea and its implementation, but also on an appropriate relationship and willingness to cooperate to accompany it. We are open to every opportunity for cooperation and help for our clients, which is why even the most demanding projects find recognition and effect that brings satisfaction. Despite the number of inquiries and orders, we are still open to new horizons and possibilities in the field of furniture production, comprehensive implementations and POS materials. We encourage all distributors, architects, investors and marketing department employees to contact us – we always try to rise to the challenge and find the answers to your questions.