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    chest of drawers d:code lipstick – AA337

    Collection: d:code lipstick
    Sizes: 100cm x 163cm x 40cm

    d:code: lipstick

    The d: code Lipstick set is an original and practical piece of furniture that makes it easier to store RTV and other elements. An interesting combination of colors in combination with the natural decor of raw plywood gives the set an extraordinary look. The freedom of geometric patterns allows you to design your own unique pattern.

    • main features
      • the design of the cabinets divides the furniture into a sliding part with easy access to shelves and drawers with the tip on system, which allows for convenient access without the need to install handles
      • steel legs are both durable and allow easy cleaning under the furniture
      • most of the mounting elements are almost invisible, which adds aesthetic value and allows you to keep a clean design line.
    • additional information
      • the possibility of using other colors and materials than those presented in the catalog offer
    • dimensions

      100cm x 163cm x 40cm

    • materials
      • natural varnished plywood
      • furniture board color 18mm
      • drawer opening: Push to Open system (drawers can be opened / closed by pressing on the front of the furniture)
      • legs – RAL powder coated steel
      • decorative fronts on guides
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    chest of drawers d:code lipstick – AA337

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    chest of drawers d:code lipstick – AA337; size 100cm x 163cm x 40cm; color: plywood / black / red lipstick.