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Isa Dora cosmetic cabinet

Category: wardrobes
Sizes: 100cm x 184cm x 45cm

Isa Dora cosmetic cabinet

In the project, to meet the client’s needs, we have used individual divisions for insert groups. Each group comes out in individual modules, which greatly facilitates the work of sales people. The guide system used ensures a working culture and durability of solutions. Additional space on the stock behind the exhibition inserts increases the furniture’s capacity and facilitates the continuity of shelf shelving. Everything wrapped in an aesthetic frame finished with premium materials creates a coherent and effective whole.

  • main features

    • modern design,
    • high quality brand furniture systems
    • no visible mounting elements on external surfaces

    – aesthetics emphasizing the prestige of the brand

    – ease of use

    – clear division into product segments

    – clear communication of promo elements

  • Materials used

    • steel
    • pmma satin
    • power LED
    • Egger furniture board


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Isa Dora cosmetic cabinet

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Isa Dora cosmetic cabinet; size 100cm x 184cm x 45cm; color: Black / copper / white.