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    stolik kawowy connect beau CS611

    Kolekcja: connect steel
    Wymiary: 35cm x 80cm x 80cm
    • body color
    • front color

    connect steel

    As the name suggests, this is a collection that stands out among others industrial bent. Connect Steel has extensive application, so it can be integrated into living quarters as well as all types of public spaces. This line is characterized by various forms with the availability of all practical solutions. The high quality of the materials combined with the original design has found great recognition among buyers all over Europe.

    • main features

      • modernist style
      • high quality brand furniture systems (BLUM)
      • the ability to compose different systems in a set
      • extensive furniture selection in many categories
      • no visible mounting elements on external surfaces
      • steel and furniture elements made with detailed care
      • estaw is delivered assembled and ready for use

    • additional information

      • set available in several basic options
      – melamine body + matt / gloss fronts, powder-coated steel
      – body matt / gloss varnish + fronts matt / gloss varnish + powder-coated steel
      – body veneer + fronts matt / gloss varnish + powder-coated steel
      • the possibility of using different colors and materials from those presented in the catalog offer

    • dimensions

      35cm x 80cm x 80cm

    • materials

      – shelves made of Egger board or veneer board
      – white melamine cabinet chest
      – gloss varnish fronts or matte varnish

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    stolik kawowy connect beau CS611

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    stolik kawowy connect beau CS611; rozm. 35cm x 80cm x 80cm; kolor: white/ oak Hamilton.